Speakers and Topics

These are just some of the speakers and artists who participated in the first [HE]Arts of STEM festival.

Digital Humanities

Maynooth University - Susan Schreibman - Maynooth University

Prof. Susan Schreibman (Professor of Digital Humanities, Maynooth University)

Arts and STEM

Victor Lazzarini

Dr Victor Lazzarini (Dean of Arts, Philosophy and Celtic Studies at Maynooth, computer music researcher)


Dr Dermot Furlong (Course Director and Founder, MPhil in Music and Media Technologies)

Paul Moore.jpg

Prof. Paul Moore (Head of School of Creative Arts and Technologies, Professor of Creative Technologies, Ulster University)


Dr Enda Bates (composer, artist/musician, spatial music researcher, lecturer at Trinity College Dublin)


Dr Tony Doyle (composer, producer, spatial music and audio researcher, engineer, Irish Sound Science and Technology Association)

Arts, Technology and Society


Dr Murat Akser (Lecturer in Cinematic Arts, Ulster University)


Dr Linda O’Keeffe (sound artist, sound studies academic,  lecturer at Lancaster University, President of ISSTA)

Humanising Technologies and Hardware Hacking

Nim fablab

Eamon Durey (Manager, FabLab NI)


Dr Brendan McCloskey (Ulster and QUB: designer, technologist and workshop facilitator)

john harding

John Harding (creative technologist, Learning Technologist at Ulster University)

Why Games are Important


Alan Hook (Interactive Media, Ulster University)

Artists’ Engagement with Technology

Jonathan Nangle

Jonathan Nangle (composer and installation artist, Royal Irish Academy of Music)

Arts Organisations’ Engagement with Technology

Jonathan Grimes CMC

Jonathan Grimes (Chief Technology Officer, Contemporary Music Centre)

Frank Lyons

Prof. Frank Lyons (Professor of Music and Head of the Arts and Humanities Research Institute, Ulster University)

Arts, Technology and Innovation


Tim Brudle (Director of Research and Innovation at Ulster University)

Design and Technology

Justin Magee

Dr Justin Magee (Design, Ulster University)

Computing and Media


Prof. Paul Mc Kevitt (Professor of Intelligent Multimedia, Ulster University)


We will feature pieces by the following artists and composers, all of whom explore technologies through their artistic practices.


Enda Bates

bernadette comac

Bernadette Comac

brian connolly

Brian Connolly

Jonathan Nangle

Jonathan Nangle

iride project

Iride Project (Massimo Daví & Monica Miuccio)

dylan rynhart

Dylan Rynhart

Artistic programme (24th Feb, Belfast) presented in association with the Spatial Music Collective and ISSTA (the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association).