Dr Murat Akser (Lecturer in Cinematic Arts, Ulster University)

Dr Enda Bates (composer, artist/musician, spatial music researcher, lecturer at Trinity College Dublin)

Dr Tony Doyle (composer, producer, spatial music and audio researcher, engineer, Irish Sound Science and Technology Association)

Dr Dermot Furlong (Course Director and Founder, MPhil in Music and Media Technologies)

Jonathan Grimes (Chief Technology Officer, Contemporary Music Centre)

Dr Victor Lazzarini (Dean of Arts, Philosophy and Celtic Studies at Maynooth, computer music researcher)

Dr Linda O’Keeffe (sound artist, sound studies academic,  lecturer at Lancaster University, President of ISSTA)

Dr Jonathan Nangle (composer and installation artist, Royal Irish Academy of Music)

Prof. Susan Schreibman (Professor of Digital Humanities, Maynooth University)