HoSTEM Outreach Workshops #3

Many thanks to Peter O’Doherty @culturlanndoire and Peter Doherty of Knockavoe School, Strabane, for inviting so many talented young adults to the third of our Inclusive Creativity: Digital Practices outreach workshops @InclusiveCreati. Lewis Smith (Ulster University) and Dr Brendan McCloskey (Ulster University)  brought a range of instruments, from the conventional:


. . . to the unexpected (spot the pear):


The students were first introduced to, arguably, more familiar touch-screen controllers, like the iPad and Lewis’ own web-based interface:

They were then shown how to sequence and record drum-loops and melodies, using Ableton Live and Ableton Push:

The session ended with a Makey Makey instrument – making connections to sound:

Surprisingly, if anecdotally, this group appeared to enjoy the Makey Makey instrument, the Ableton Push and Lewis’ web-based interface much more than the iPad apps. The semi-autonomous nature of instruments such as Bloom and Musyc limited their engagement with music-making, whereas the intrigue of “human-circuits and squiggly lines” was more attractive.

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